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I’ve written in the past about analytics and reporting when dealing with social media, specifically in Google Analytics, but today I’m going to give an overview of the reporting in Facebook. Facebook Insights (for both pages and websites) is an incredibly powerful way to gain insight on how your brand properties are performing.

Page/Account Reporting is information regarding your social media profile, how many likes you have, your reach, etc. This information is incredibly useful to get a sense of how you are engaging and interacting on the platforms. Website Reporting is typically how your domain is being shared on the social platform. To put it another way, every time your website is shared on Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest the platform records that and keeps aggregated data about that share… without you having to do anything on your website (after the initial validation of ownership.) Website reporting is beyond powerful, you can never know every URL and post that is shared (without sophisticated reporting tools), but utilizing website insights you’ll get visibility into the aggregated data about how people are sharing your website.

Facebook Insights for Pages

If you administer a Facebook Page you should be pretty familiar with Page Insights. Page insights are broken into Overview, Likes, Reach, and Talking About This.


Overview is the first place you should look, you’ll get a quick glance at the total likes, friends of fans (self explanatory, useful for determining “quick reach” of a post if you can get a fan to interact), people talking about this (the number of people that have created a story about your page in their news feed, this could be by liking your page, commenting on a post, sharing a post, etc), and lastly your weekly total reach (the number of unique people that have seen any content relating to your page.) Possibly more interesting than just seeing the numbers if the week over week change.

Facebook Insights - Overview summary



Likes is a breakdown of your fans, by demographic and location. This is a great place to get a sense of if your page consists of your key targeted demo. In this case, I was aiming for 25-34 and 35-44. After interpreting the report I plan to decrease my advertising to 25-34 and increase impression share for 35-44. Additionally you’ll see the countries/cities/languages for your fans.  Additionally you can see the source of your likes, this is fairly helpful to look at aggregate information.

Facebook Insights - Page Likes


Reach & People Talking About This

Have you ever wondered, “Facebook is huge, I wonder who’s seeing information about my brand?” this is the place to go. This reports looks very similar to the Likes section. Below the demographic and location information is how you reached people (known as the Reach & Frequency report) followed by what tabs (Facebook apps you may have installed) get the most views and what websites are referring traffic to your page. People Talking about This is incredibly similar to the Reach reports so I’ve lumped it together with this.


Facebook Insights - Page Reach Report

Facebook Insights for Websites

Immediately at the top you’ll see the TL;DR (too long; didn’t read) version of the story. In this case, 9 actions (shares/likes/url in wall post), which generated 1,836 total impressions and ultimately generated 48 visits to the website. Pretty easy to show benefit from being active in the social space.

Facebook Insights - Website Report



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